Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius May 26: Time for a Reboot

Fire and light are entering your life with full force during this May’s Super Flower Blood Moon in Sagittarius only to shatter your world for the better. The old will burn in flames, while the new will rise from the ashes stronger than ever.

Sassy Sagittarius knows its way of showing you where freedom lies, working in lieu with the powerful Total Lunar Eclipse. Expect your efforts to come into fruition and to be reborn into your new upgraded reality.

The night sky on May 26 is a portal not just to another dimension, but to your bare soul. Don’t be afraid to dive deep.

Total Lunar Eclipse During a Full Supermoon?

This May’s Full Supermoon is unlike any other full moon we’ve seen. It’s highly emotional, cleansing, releasing and powered-up by the fire sign of Sagittarius. It occurs at 5°25’ Sagittarius on May 26 at 4:13am Pacific Time and 12:13pm UK Time.

The peak of the moon cycles is highlighted by the Total Lunar Eclipse, which occurs when the Earth’s shadow completely covers the moon. The last Lunar Eclipse we witnessed was in January 2019.

Because both shadow and light are revealed in a way we don’t normally see, eclipses have inspired awe and fear at the same time throughout history, especially when Total Lunar Eclipses turned the moon blood-red, just like on this May 26. This effect terrified people who had no explanation for the event and therefore blamed it on the non-benevolent actions of gods.

What this means for us is that we will experience an excessive release of emotions, because feelings are amplified both personally and collectively during eclipse times. But this is not a dreadful release, rather a much needed one.



What Is the Full Supermoon in Sagittarius Bringing Us?

The best way to look at this lunar period is as a reboot. You are shutting your computer down so that it can update itself and the light to come back on again. What is required for a successful reboot is patience and trust in the divine plan. This is what we need to embody during this Super Flower Blood Moon in Sagittarius.

Many people’s belief systems may be completely shattered. If you’ve had one perception of reality for your entire life, you may suddenly start seeing the same facts but from a different point of view. This can cause a feeling of epiphany of breakthrough in our perception, which can be scary at first, but very gratifying in the long run. Essentially, we are all going through a massive awakening and that’s beautiful.

How to Work with the Sagittarius Supermoon Energy?

The areas in which this cathartic energy is going to be manifested in the most are the four main domains that Sagittarius personifies: freedom, the truth, the law and belief systems. A significant influence might also be experienced in the areas of travel and natural law.

The Total Lunar Eclipse is gifting us with a push, a jump-off to get us further in our personal and collective journey. To get there Sagittarius urges us to step into our creative flow and utilize our high power to build a vision of something greater than what is happening on Earth right now. There are infinite possibilities waiting for us, we just need to unlock them.

This is the time to adopt your chameleon-like nature and allow yourself to create with the flow in order to emerge from the fire. Luckily for you, the rest of the aspects in the night sky are all working in your favor to help you catalyze the change.

There are 6 planets in mutable signs, which bring about a shape-shifting energy. The Mercury in Gemini square Neptune comes just in time to tell us to get out of our heads and come into a more mystical state of being, where we are more connected with our higher selves. Moreover, Jupiter – the ruler of Sagittarius, is squaring the sun and the moon, which only emphasizes the influence of the fiery sign.



Practical “Witchcraft”: Ritual Ideas

Wondering how to harness the intense Sagittarius Super Blood Moon energy? Here are a few tips & tricks you can easily incorporate into your moon practice:

  •         Implement the fire that Sagittarius brings into your Full Moon ritual. This could look like writing powerful intentions and then burning them into iridescent flames
  •         Dance! As weird as it sounds, Sagittarius brings out the crazy diva energy in you and you will want to release that stagnation of emotions through moving your beautiful body – so dance around the fire like nobody’s watching you
  •         Go camping. The free-spirited nature of Sagittarius will thank you for this precious time spent in the wild
  •         Use healing crystals. The soothing green Aventurine will inspire you to seek adventure, Hematite will give you the determination and courage to change your belief systems and unhealthy habits, and Moonstone will help you see clearly the pathway to a new you and a new Earth. To further enhance the benefits of Moonstone you can wear the stone as jewelry. Explore Daya’s Moonstone collection and channel your new you during this Full Moon

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