Meditating With Mother Nature’s Crystals

November 09, 2020

Meditating With Mother Nature’s Crystals

Meditating With Mother Nature’s Crystals

Times are changing, universal energies are heightened.

We are being called to explore a new way of living, a new earth.

As we transcend out of old patterns and experience a shift in paradigms, we may be faced with ‘fear of the unknown’. It is only natural for feelings of doubt and anxiety to arise. But, remember you are not alone. We are all in this together and we will move through this in unity.

Now, more than ever is the time to remain grounded and centered in the present moment. It is here that we can find a sense of balance, peace, and clarity within.


The Power of Crystals 


Harness loving, healing energy by working with the powerful vibrations of crystals, welcoming healing by nature into your entire being. Through meditation with crystals, we can access the field of silence where our inner voice can be heard with such clarity. Grasping insights, wisdom, and answers that only reside within.


Taking a few mindful moments out of your day to venture within can be extremely healing and transformative. Crystals are nature’s tools to unlock our innate wisdom, that resides in the mind, heart, and spirit.


Heal physically, mentally, and emotionally through the power of crystals.


Intention Setting

Before beginning your meditation, you’ll want to get clear on your intentions. What do you wish to achieve from your meditation, which feelings do you want to ignite?

This will help you choose the perfect crystal for you so that you can make the most of your meditation. Do you need to let go and release negativity or toxicity? Or is your goal to increase loving energy, feelings of compassion, and gratitude? Keep this intention in your mind whilst meditating. Whenever any distracting thoughts arise, simply return to your intention. Innocently.


Choosing Your Crystals

When you are clear on what you wish to achieve, you’ll have a deeper understanding of which crystals you can integrate into your meditation. How are you currently feeling? You may be at a specific phase in your life that seeks peace or aspires you to explore your grace. On the other hand, you could be on an evolving journey of self-discovery and wish to unearth a new lease of strength that will guide you towards your true path.


Attuning with the unique energy of each individual stone allows us to harness healing vibrations, bringing this into our space to complement our intentions.


Here are some crystals you could use if your intention is to:


Soothe anxiety - Blue Lace Agate

Gain mental clarity - Clear Quartz

Promote creativity - Citrine

Release resentment - Rhodonite

Cultivate courage - Tigers Eye

Reach your full potential - Labradorite

Remove negativity - Amethyst

Raise your self-esteem - Rose Quartz


Meditating with crystals

Get one step closer to your own knowingness through crystal meditation.


Meditating with Mother Nature's gemstones can guide us deeper on our spiritual journey by tapping into our highest-selves. Here at Daya, we have created a simple, yet transformative crystal meditation for you to try: Harness loving, healing energy with Mother Nature’s Crystals


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