November 22, 2020


Be the change you wish to see in this world.

Daya’s true essence cultivates compassion for ourselves, others around us, and the universe. By sharing a divine quality, we can rise together and unite in a universal union. We go beyond our jewelry creations and believe that our lifelong purpose is to spread love, light & kindness to the world.

Here at Daya, we strongly believe in returning to our roots and giving back in whichever way we can. As the origin where Daya’s vision was born, we hold Mother India very close to our hearts. To this day, we continue to work closely with our talented local artisans residing in Jaipur & Pushkar, Rajasthan who whole-heartedly make these creations come to life, from their loving hands. For them, we are forever thankful.

The current times have made a huge impact throughout the world, especially in developing countries. This means that India, in particular, Rajasthan has suffered many consequences due to covid. A country that usually attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all across the globe, has been faced with detrimental drawbacks to their growth. A city that has spent years building itself up and attracting universal tourists through their offerings of sacred temples, flamboyant festivals, and exceptional architecture - is now suffering.
Pushkar, meaning “Blue Lotus flower” is a stunning city within Rajasthan, famously known for its influential aura. The month of November usually welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists, both local and international, to celebrate at Pushkar Mela (Pushkar Fair). During this time, many religious celebrations are honored in sync with the Full Moon. Sacred rituals take place, spiritual intentions are set and people gather for prayer celebrations.

Pushkar's Lake
 Pushkar's Holy Lake

However, this year see’s an entirely different approach. Locals are suffering due to a lack of tourism. Pushkar has primarily relied on religious tourism, both international and from within the country, to sustain its economy. The economic impact of covid has really shaken things up and left the country fighting for their lives. What would have been a month for celebrations, has sadly diminished.

One charity in particular who has made a powerful impact in Pushkar during these times of uncertainty is Fior Di Loto. A non-profit organization that has made it their purpose to help Indian girls improve their quality of life. Founded in 2003, the foundation began with just 34 girls between the age of nursery year-12 students. With help and support from trusted donations, Fior Di Loto has grown to support over 700 young girls living in the villages surrounding Pushkar, with intentions to expand their facilities to help older women with pensions also. This charitable, tax-free foundation works closely with disadvantaged parts of the local community by offering economical support to the elderly, widows, and families in need. Providing food, healthcare, education, construction of water wells, and offering a helping hand is amongst the many elements that this charity offers as a way of making a transformative change in the area of Pushkar.

Fior Di Loto is anchored by their three main founders:
  • Mara Sandri, International President from Italy 
  • Deepu Maharshi, President in INDIA 
  • Guadalupe Tapia Paykar, Secretary from the Dominican Republic

Mara Sandri, Fior Di Loto's founder

As an intimate non-profit organization, Fior Di Loto is solely built upon voluntary support from both their founders and volunteers who invest their time and energy into the charity - with no expectations of a working wage. This is their passion, to create the change we all wish to see in the world. With no huge expenses to cover, such as employee wages, all money donated to this wonderful foundation goes directly to the fundamental purpose - improving the lives of young girls.

Helping young girls find their way into self-employment

In reflection of the current times, we feel that there is no time like the present to move forward and give back to the source of where originally Daya began - India. That’s why we have consciously chosen to make this transition of welcoming Fior Di Loto as our new choice of charity to donate to with every Daya purchase.

So, what does this mean for you as a customer?

From this moment onwards, every purchase made through Daya will contribute to the Fior Di Loto Foundation fund. By donating 10% of all proceeds, we can unite and make a positive change together. The charity has a list of future goals that we intend on helping them achieve through our contributions.

Fior Di Loto Future Goals:
  • Drill additional water wells
  • Free education for 1,000 girls living in Pushkar & the surrounding area
  • Provide monthly support for senior citizens and widows
  • Vaccination of street dogs
  • Provide a college education with free work coaching
  • Help individuals find their way into self-employment
  • Purchase rickshaws and sewing machines as tools for employment
  • Increase the number of families supported by the feeding program

Our first step towards helping Fior Di Loto reach their goals will focus on providing basic food essentials. Every 3-5 months we will shift onto the next goal as a way of helping the charity achieve what they set out for and to create the change we all wish to see in the world.


For every €9 raised we can provide a nutritious food pack that feeds an entire family.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • 10KG Chapati flour
  • 1KG Lentils
  • 1L Oil
  • 1KG Rice / 2KG Corn Flour Package
  • 1KG Porridge
  • 250G Chilly
  • 250G Turmeric
  • 250G Coriander
  • 1KG Salt

Volunteers with food packs
Fior Di Loto volunteers before delivering food packs

From this moment onwards, every purchase made through Daya will contribute to the Fior Di Loto Foundation fund. By donating 10% of all proceeds, we can provide these essential food packs to those supported by the charity and unite to make positive changes. Together, we can work towards supporting and uplifting others… One beautiful piece of jewelry at a time.

Student Meditating
Meditation class at Fior Di Loto school 

We appreciate each and every one of pour customers and are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do good while making you happy with our jewelry.

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