Mother India is In Pain – Learn how you can help

May 06, 2021

Mother India is In Pain – Learn how you can help

How to Help With Oxygen 

With over 400K cases per day, India's current COVID surge is beyond heartbreaking. India is relentlessly trying to fight the situation, with the aid of other countries, but sadly, it's taking too long and there aren’t enough oxygen concentrators for everyone, which leaves people gasping for air. Pushkar’s hospital is deeply affected by this and has requested aid in sourcing this specific oxygen concentrator.

The cost for one machine is approximately €1150, and we are hoping to be able to provide them with as many as possible with your help. We will make sure to deliver the oxygen machines to Pushkar's hospital via UPS & our off-shore employees AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. We feel the urge to take immediate action instead of waiting on the government's supply, which in some cases can be critical.
India is a gigantic place and we don't have the power to help everywhere, but hopefully, we can make a difference locally, in Pushkar.



How to Donate Food? 

The Covid-19 situation is also having its toll on local families in India who don’t have enough access to essential food supplies. We work closely with theFior Di Loto Foundation based in Pushkar, India, which is focused on helping local families by providing them with food packs.

In order to support their cause in extreme times like this we are doubling our donation to the Fior Di Loto Foundation. This means that 20% of all proceeds go directly to the charity.

For every €9 raised we can provide a nutritious food pack that feeds an entire family.

Here’s what’s inside:

  •   10KG Chapati flour

  •   1KG Lentils

  •   1L Oil

  •   1KG Rice / 2KG Corn Flour Package

  •   1KG Porridge

  •   250G Chilly

  •   250G Turmeric

  •   250G Coriander

  •   1KG Salt 

You can also donate directly to the Fior Di Loto Foundation through their website.


Other Ways You Can Help 

The whole world is united in helping India right now and there are lots of other charities that you can donate to:

OXYGEN FOR INDIA: setting up help desks at various hospitals to ensure that people get access to oxygen cylinders and concentrators for free. You can donate here.

PROJECT HOPE: distributing medical supplies in India and educating communities on how to stop COVID-19 from spreading. You can donate here.

THE INDIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY: providing medical resources — including oxygen concentrators, ventilators and bedside monitors — to hospitals around India, and helping to administer vaccines. You can donate here.
Thank you!


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