The Celestial Beauty of Cancer New Moon

Syncing with La Luna and her magic can truly transform your life by guiding you along the Divine path, home to your true self.


As we transcend out of a powerful eclipse season and ripple into summer solstice, you may continue to feel intense cosmic energy lingering in the air. During times like these, remember to remain grounded in your own personal truth and tap into this powerful energy to unleash karmic lessons. Devotee this time to dive deep into the depths of your soul for an exploration of what makes you, you.


Mother of the Zodiac

Last month we honored a magical solar eclipse in the watery sign of Cancer, the maternal zodiac that symbolizes Mother Divine. Cancer season encourages us to return to our roots, heal relationships with our loved ones, and create a sense of security in our homes. She is the woman of water, ancestral healing, and female anatomy. On July 20th, we will be blessed with a second New Moon in Cancer. With a new lunation means new energies and a time to reflect on lessons from Mother of the Zodiac. What does this mean for us? This rare lunation is giving us a chance to review and reflect on what the previous 4 weeks have shown us. What has Cancer season brought up for you? What has come to light that requires your attention? The Cancerian energy presented by this upcoming new moon gifts us a time to get clear on what we truly want from this lifetime.


Embrace New Moon Energy


A new moon symbolizes new beginnings, fresh starts, and a time to discover your deepest desires. When you begin working with the magic of the moon, La Luna, your life will begin to have a deeper sense of meaning. You’ll find an inner sense of peace and understanding. When the night sky is at her darkest and La Luna seems to be in hiding, we are gifted with a cosmic gateway to connect with our higher consciousness. Embrace this sacred time as the celestial beauty of the New Moon has important teachings.

Crystals for Cancer New Moon


Harness Mother Nature’s healing energy during this Moonchild New Moon with crystal guidance. Feel into your feelings, the deepest parts of your soul. Integrating these three crystals into your New Moon ritual can enhance your intuition and guide you along your spiritual path. Take this time to set intentions as stepping stones to reach your highest self whilst accepting guidance from these sacred stones.


Moonstone - Moonstone energies connect us to universal wisdom whilst rippling the rhythms of our own cycles. Just like the phases of the moon, we too change, transform, and evolve. Awaken the Divine Feminine within with this iridescent stone and illuminate light on the darkness to create space for healing.

Muse Ring

Rose quartz - Rose quartz embodies tender, loving care. Harness these powerful healing energies through embracing every inch of your soul with love and compassion. Activate your loving energy within and radiate out loving beams of joy. Take this time to connect with family and friends to remind them how much you value them.


alba necklace

Rose Quartz Alba Necklace

Crystal Quartz - A new moon is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Holding this purifying gemstone close to your heart promotes cleansing and overall clarity whilst restoring a sense of serenity, within. Return to your heart center, the sacred core where we hold all of our deepest wisdom. Reflect and release what no longer serves you to create space for what truly matters.


Soak up the cosmic energy over these next few days by embarking on a soul-discovering journey. Devote the time to connect with La Luna and her magical teachings. As a fresh cycle draws near, reflect, and rewrite your deepest dreams and desires. Nothing is too big to achieve, if you can dream it you can make it happen.


You are safe. You are held. You are love.





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