A Celebration of Freedom and Forgiveness under the Aquarius Full Moon

As above, So below… We voyage through life embracing the reflection of La Luna. As our ultimate source of light in the night sky, she illuminates our shadows whilst celebrating our spiritual freedom. Her healing energy guides us through the phases of life, reminding us gently of life’s natural transitions. 

“This too shall pass” 

After a hot and heavy eclipse season, we can finally return home to our heart center, a place of serenity. August 3rd gifts us with the next Full Moon in the breezy sign of Aquarius. When we energetically respond to this cosmic shift, it can bring us back to a place of peace where we can begin to move towards freedom. In true Aquarian style, this energy flows in like an oasis in the desert, it’s a breath of fresh air.


Aquarius Full Moon Energy


As La Luna shines her fullest in the night sky, we are welcomed with a time to gain clarity on what we really want from this lifetime. We are asked to release that which is no longer serving our highest selves so that we can create space for new growth. Go beyond fear into ultimate freedom. 


In the eccentric sign of Aquarius, this full moon ushers energy for both change and progress. Aquarians can view things from a different perspective than others, often in a more positive light. As a sign that represents innovation and revolution, we are encouraged to think outside the box as situations arise this lunation. Take this time to reflect and ask your soul, “What does my destiny hold?”


Transform through Fear to Freedom


During this time, we are embarking on a journey to freedom. Freedom from limiting beliefs and breaking-free from old habits. Attachments are beginning to fade. When we let go of fear, we can transcend onwards and upwards to reach our highest selves. New opportunities are on the horizon, blooming like wildflowers. Create space for healthy paradigms to emerge. Surrender to the present moment and go with the flow. Always remember, “What’s meant to be will never pass you.” 


Now is the time to focus on your own uniqueness, to shed anything that doesn’t align with your truth. Step into your power and ignite your throat chakra by exploring your voice and your choice. Return home, to your heart center, where your deepest wisdom resides. Life’s jewels await you, but you’ve got to dive deep to discover them.


Full Moon Forgiveness Ceremony 


Bask under the moonlight to celebrate freedom this upcoming full moon with a healing ritual that allows you to let go of all toxicity in your life. As La Luna illuminates our night sky, she’s calling us to go within and explore our shadows so that we can release and expand. 


Begin by finding a sacred place, somewhere you feel safe and held. Cleanse the air that surrounds you with incense, candles, and sage. Now go within and embrace the present moment. When we bring crystals into our rituals we can harness healing energy, a sense of protection. Holding Moonstone close to your heart enhances lunar energy entirely so that you can align with the Divine Feminine. Feel protected with Labradorite energies during your ceremony, a crystal that encourages positive transformations. 


When you feel relaxed, you can begin to think about limiting beliefs, old patterns, toxic habits, or relationships that are holding you back in life and you wish to release so that you can move forward. By writing these down on paper you can dive into your feelings to truly express yourself. Spend some time on each point before reading them aloud to the universe. Radiate forgiveness for each, then let go. Set them free. 


“As La Luna shines her light upon my shadows, I honor the depths of my soul. I offer forgiveness in all areas of my life and release that which no longer serves my highest self. By letting go of limiting beliefs, habits, and relationships, I create space for new growth. I send love to the universe and myself, in true healing nature. I radiate love, peace, and harmony”


After sharing your intentions you can burn your forgiveness list as an offering to the cosmos to exhibit handing your wishes over to the universe. 


Om Namo Narayani - I surrender to the Divine. 

May this full moon bring to you positive blessings, clarity, and pure loving energy. 

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