4 Habits for a Mindful Life


Mindfulness is a state of living, free of distractions, judgments, and conflict. Although the world around us may be chaotic and unstable, we don’t need to follow suit. Practicing mindfulness is an incredible tool for centering ourselves and remembering what’s truly important. Through these techniques we can continue to build a foundation of positive thoughts, managing our emotions and benefitting mind, body and soul. There’s a good chance you’re familiar with these things, but health and wellbeing must remain a focus of ours, and everyone can do better.


1. Meditation

Perhaps one of if not the most powerful tool in the shed is the practice of meditation. This involves slowing down, sitting or laying comfortably, and anchoring ourselves in the present moment. Focus on your heartbeat and breath. Stepping back and observing our thoughts, we can begin to understand ourselves. We have a steady stream of ideas and information flowing through our mind. Through mindful meditation, this once-deafening rush can be quieted and calmed. Only 5-10 minutes a day is needed to see why it works to stabilize emotions and thoughts. Rooting yourself to the moment will give you a sense of appreciation and understanding of the world.


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2. Accepting Feelings

One key trick for staying mindful is giving attention to all your feelings, even the ones that are difficult to face. We have a tendency to run away from our worst emotions, because it’s a quick fix. This unfortunately results in these damaging thoughts becoming more and more ingrained in our subconscious. The correct method for dealing with strong emotions is being very aware of them, then choosing to feel and honor your own troubles. Facing and analyzing our worst thoughts is vital to letting them pass through without hurting you. This leads to a calmer heart, and less turmoil in the soul. You won’t often have the choice whether you are going to feel something or not, but you always are able to choose how you deal with them.


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3. Move!

Mindfulness is centered around living in the moment, free of preoccupations. Enjoyable physical activities are perfect for this very reason. Engaging in a sport or activity that delights you is a fast track to living in the moment! It’s natural for our bodies and minds to dedicate themselves to a game or event when we like it, so finding ways to be physically active is directly related to our well-being, mental and physical.


4. Finding Time to Rest

This is understandably most people’s favorite part. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t like to sleep, so why do we seem to prioritize everything else over it? We live in a society that scoffs at rest and relaxation if you’re trying to be “successful.” Once again we put our own personal wellness to the side so that we can spend more time grinding towards our goals. Finding a good relationship with sleep isn’t always easy, especially when you do have important responsibilities but your mental clarity, mood, and physical health will thank you daily for maintaining a solid sleep schedule. Don’t limit yourself to only nighttime either! With some thought-out rearrangement of your schedule, it’s possible to find time to lay down and relax, even if it doesn’t involve sleep. If your days seem overwhelming, justifying yourself 30 minutes to slow down and recuperate might be just what you need.

Mindfulness is a mindset, a lifestyle, or a strategy depending on how you look at it, but the pattern remains the same: Practicing meditation, clearing your head, taking control of your emotions, and caring for yourself is the path to a fulfilling future. Small habits may seem simple at first, but the changes that occur from these small adjustments to your day will infinitely reward you.

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