Full Moon in Scorpio: How to Tame the Intense Pink Supermoon Energy?

On April 26 the magnificent sky will be illuminated by the Full Supermoon shining bright in its radiant pink aura. But behind the pacifying view hides the lucrative and intense energy of the Scorpio sign – a great time for inner unraveling and emotional release.

What Does a Full Moon in Scorpio Mean?

Every full moon represents a completion of a cycle. During the New Moon we set our intentions and plant the seeds of our success which we then re-evaluate at the time of the Full Moon. Think of it as the harvest period when we reap the fruits of our emotional labor and release that which no longer serves us.

Generally, the full moon cultivates the powerful energies of all the aspects in the sky and we feel that in all areas of our lives. But a Full Supermoon only enhances that astrological zest and we are blessed with double the energy. A Supermoon occurs when the Moon is very close to the orbit of the Earth.

This month’s Supermoon is the second of four in a row and in what a sign! Scorpio is the most intense of all the water signs, bringing about transformation and passionate waves of emotion.

It occurs at 8:31pm Pacific time on April 26, and at 4:31am UK time on April 27, at 7° 6’ of Scorpio. We urge you to check which house of your natal chart this falls in, because this is the area of your life where you will see the most influence on.


 Embrace Transformation


Perhaps the biggest theme of this Full Moon in Scorpio is transformation. Expect your world to be turned upside-down, and your emotions inside-out.

It might sound a bit contradictory, we know. Scorpio is a fixed sign just like Taurus, and stubbornness and resistance are its most attributed qualities. So how come transformation is on the way? Scorpio might thrive in hiding behind its mysterious mask, but at the end of the day, it has the potency to shed light into dark corners we haven’t explored before.

No one said that the pathway to rebirth will be easy. In fact, the hardship of this journey is highlighted by the Full Moon square Saturn. As the strictest father you will ever have, Saturn is determined to present you with obstacles along your path only to help you find your truth.

However, the stars always have your best interest at heart and are giving you the chance to embrace the courage and determination to knock those obstacles out of your way. This rebellious energy stems from the trine that the Full Moon forms with ambitious and driven Mars.

But at the end of every dark tunnel awaits the light. So do your astrological homework and you shall rise from the ashes once again.

Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

If you’ve been hiding something lately from either yourself or others, it’s time to show your true face, because Scorpio has the power to illuminate anything that has remained unseen. Secrets will come to light, especially those related to the rich and powerful. We are at the zenith of a big year of disclosure and awaking of people, and this is all a part of the process.

What is going to amplify this sense of revelation is the conjunction between the Full Supermoon and Khambalia, which is a fixed star that is linked to powerful ancient secret knowledge and can be used for good or ill.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is in opposition with Uranus and this can instill feeling of rebellion and disruptive forces. In fact, seismic activity is quite likely to occur during this time.

Finally, this Full Moon in Scorpio is powered up by Pluto - the ruler of Scorpio, who stations retrograde in Capricorn on April 27 until October 6. What this aspect teaches us is how to learn our lessons in life and use this time to our advantage.



Full Moon in Scorpio: Ritual Idea

Now that you know what the endless sky has in store for you it’s time to put what you’ve learnt into practice. There is no external power or a master that will judge your progress, only you and your highest self will benefit from this internal work.

The best way to honor the natural cycles of the Moon is by performing some sort of a Full Moon ritual. This could be anything from giving your thanks to the Moon to participating in a Full Moon circle – it’s the thought that counts.

Given the current Covid-19 situation we’re giving you a quick Full Moon in Scorpio Ritual Guide, which you can practice at home on your own or with another soul sister. Feel free to customize it to your preferences.

You will need:

  •         Energy cleansing tool: sage, incense sticks, singing bowls, etc.
  •         Your favorite journal and a pen
  •         Meditation music
  •         Crystals: Garnet, Amethyst, Labradorite, Red jasper
  •         A bowl with water


  • Set-up your ritual space and your altar (if you have one).
  • Light up  some incense sticks and play your tranquil meditation music
  • Start with a short 15-minute meditation and direct your energy towards the Supermoon. You can hold your crystals to channel the divine cosmic energy. To learn more about the many benefits of meditating with Mother Nature’s crystals read this article.
  •  Once you feel relaxed, write down what you’re grateful for to the Moon in your journal – all great things begin with gratitude
  •  Take the bowl of water in your hands and read aloud your gratitude list while imbuing the water with your positive energy.
  •  Then write at the top of your journal’s page with big letters:

“Under the light of Scorpio Super Full Moon, I release…”

  •  Spend about 10-15 minutes writing what is it that no longer serves you and you wish to release
  •  Same as the gratitude exercise, take the bowl of water and read aloud you release list
  • Close your eyes and spend some time imagining how all your worries are leaving you and the water is soaking the
  • Once you feel cleansed, thank the water and pour it into your garden/ a plant. This way you are giving back your worries to Mother Earth, completing the natural cycle of life



Crystals for Full Moon in Scorpio


In order to channel the passionate Scorpio energy use red garnet – an embodiment of courage and metamorphosis. The gleaming in seductive red light gemstone activates your sexual and creative energy, while enlivening your entire being.

If you wish to invite tranquility amidst the turbulent transformational journey, implement amethyst into your practice. The gemstone resonates with the crown chakra and helps you calm your mind so that you can heal any blockages that are holding you back from experiencing full bliss.

Labradorite is an alluring gemstone that balances Scorpio’s inner strength with intuition and spiritual enlightenment, while Red Jasper activates both your root and sacral chakras, reinforcing Scorpio’s grounding powers and sexual energy.

The ways you can implement the healing powers of crystals are endless. You can incorporate them into your rituals and meditations, place them on your altar to cleanse your home, or even better – wear them on you. There are some awe-inspiring jewelry pieces that incorporate healing gemstones into intricate designs and are constantly keeping you in touch with the cosmic divinity.

Check out our Adi Necklace in Amethyst and the Malina Ring in Labradorite or Red Jasper. Invoke you inner goddess today and thrive in the bliss of the Full Supermoon in Scorpio.

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