Embracing October Energy

October 15, 2020

Embracing October Energy

October, a time of intense cosmic energies, transformative breakthroughs, and necessary universal shifts.

With a beautiful beginning to the month, La Luna illuminated the night sky at her fullest. October 1st delivered the harvest full moon which set the tone for celestial beauty to unfold. Encouraged to reflect on lessons learned from September,we were given the opportunity to release that which no longer serves us so that we can move forward with clarity.Leaving any toxicity, resentment, or resistance behind allowing us to dive deep into the month ahead with ease.

On October 13th, Mercury went retrograde in the watery Scorpio giving us the illusion of moving backward. With a stigma around this phenomenon of technical difficulties, plans crumbling and overall chaos - when you work with the energies of the cosmos instead of against them you can appreciate all the good that comes with these cosmic shifts.Mercury retrograde presents to us a time to slow down, think before making decisions that may impact our future, and embrace being more mindfully present.Think before you act, respond from a place of love.

During this month, begin to grasp a deeper understanding of your conscious actions.

Ask yourself,‘Is my communication with others clear? Am I expressing my truth, or repressing my thoughts due to fear of what others may think?’When we aren’t speaking up, or feel anxious about voicing our thoughts to others this can signify a Vishuddha imbalance, the throat chakra. 

We can heal each chakra by practicing ​Chakra Meditation​ to ignite the prana within, awakening the kundalini to rise up through each energy center. A healing practice that harmonizes the mind, body, and soul.

Repeating positive affirmations in the mirror will also open up the Vishudda.

“I speak my truth”
“I am worthy”
“I communicate clearly with others and actively listen”

Take this time to voyage within, embarking on your own self-discovery journey.

As the New Moon draws near we are reaching midway through an intense, yet transformational cosmic month. During the time of a new moon, when the night sky is at her darkest, we are invited to dive deep into our souls and explore what it is we really want from this lifetime.

A beautiful time to set intentions and begin manifesting your dreams.

Allow your shadows to come to light this month so that you can heal and transcend. Unless we explore all aspects of our soul, we may feel stuck and find it difficult to move on so that we can begin living in alignment.

Now is the time to do the inner work, this period of time enhances our psychic abilities to connect with source.

Are you recognizing any repetitive patterns in your life? Why do these events continue to arise? Sit with this, meditate and go within to connect with the soul.
All of the answers reside within...

The month-end brings yet another powerful full moon. On the very last day of October, we are given another chance to reflect and release with the Hunter’s Blue Moon. A date which also marks the Gaelic festival of Samhain, otherwise known as Halloween.Save the date, it’s a special one as the full moon only lands on Halloween every 18 to 19 years, a rare occurrence.

Glancing back to the full moon on the 1st, explore to see if you have let go of any habits, behaviours, or relationships that weren’t serving your authentic truth. Take this opportunity as October gifting you a second chance to grow and evolve, creating space for that which elevates you.

A gentle reminder to go easy on yourself, transformation isn’t easy. You may often feel energetically heavy, uncomfortable, or even confused. However, with this comes true enlightenment.

Whenever we commit to the work, we can achieve transformative breakthroughs.

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