Crystal Mediation

Crystal Healing

Meditating with Mother Nature's gemstones can guide us deeper on our spiritual journey by tapping into our highest-selves


Through meditation with crystals, we can access the field of silence where our inner voice can be heard with such clarity


Grasping insights, wisdom, and answers that only reside within


Harness healing energy by working with the vibration of each crystal, welcoming healing by nature into your being


Find a safe, quiet space where you can connect with your crystals without being interrupted


Before you begin, get clear on what you wish to achieve through your meditation


Ask yourself, How do I wish to feel?


Do you need to release or increase a specific energy? 


In reflection of your intention, bring your chosen gemstones into your space ready for meditation


Whether your purpose is to heal the mind, body, or soul ~ place the crystal on the body part you wish to connect with. Or simply hold them in your loving hands


Focus on your breathing, then go beyond

To the field of silence, where we can listen to our inner spirit and access our deepest wisdom


Allowing the crystals to guide us to a place of peace


If you become distracted, always innocently return to your intention


Giving rise to the natural healing that is taking place within...