Ignite your inner strength with this month's Hunter Full Moon

This month's Hunter Full Moon blesses us with dazzling and strong energies and it is certainly welcome, after the recent mercury in retrograde vibrations we have all been experiencing. 

The full moon is the perfect time to work with your crystals, and that includes your Daya treasures as well! We're encouraged to get up and get on with those things we've been thinking about for the past few months - it’s time to embrace your strength in full force and get what you want. 

Become the hunter of your own life!

No matter what it is you've been thinking about, whether it's work, relationships, personal & spiritual development or anything else, you have the power to reach all of your goals, and more.

Harmonise with this month's full moon and use your crystals to fill your manifestations with actions. 

Work with Moonstone, adding more light into your life and illuminating your future path and Labradorite, which encourages new beginnings and calls in your guides to watch over you. 


Lay your crystals and Daya jewelry under the full moon to absorb its bright and healing light, igniting your truths, wants and actions for these coming weeks. 

It's your time to shine!

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