How to Thrive During August’s Full Moon in Aquarius: Practical Guide

Remember July’s Full Moon in dreamy Aquarius? Phew, that was quite intense, but also immensely liberating. We entered a process of collectively raising the vibration of the planet, while getting rid of what no longer serves us. If you feel called to do some self-reflection upon the past month, make sure you check out our July Full Moon in Aquarius Guide.

As a continuation, August’s Full Moon in Aquarius is impelling us to welcome Part 2 of the emotional surge of release and liberation. During this seasonal Blue Moon, which occurs between the summer and fall solstice, we will be shedding the layers of negative thought patterns, only to fly free.

Essentially, we are breaking down to break through, and enter a higher state of being, prompted by the wild child Uranus. The hefty but cleansing planetary aspects that occur in the night sky around the 22nd of August will make this shift even more prominent and help us free our consciousness.

But enough about technicalities, let’s move onto practicalities. In this article we share with you our favorite self-care tips to help you feel safe, aligned and at ease during this transition. From our heart, to your heart ❤️

Speak Your Truth

Blue moons are usually more intense than usual, but that comes by no surprise to us. July’s Full Moon in Aquarius laid the pathway to emerging into bliss during this period after we’ve done our hard work.

But because the energy is so profound, it’s hard to hide in a shell and ignore our feelings. Aquarius, together with its ruler the rebellious Uranus, are archetypes of truth, freedom and human rights. While it’s important to ponder on our thoughts and feelings internally, it’s even more pivotal to speak our truth.

So speak your vibe to the world, cleanse your throat chakra and live in alignment with your highest purpose.


Bring Joy Into Your Day

The Full Moon in Aquarius is opposing the sun in Leo, and we are urged to find the balance between the two energies. That of truth-seeking, freedom-loving and cosmically-aligned airy Aquarius, and that of fire-igniting Leo who teaches us how to discover the joy of living.

What happens when we combine freedom with joy? Creation. Unleash your creative force and let it manifest itself through whatever means bring love into your heartspace. Dare to dance, sing, paint, connect and explore. You are here to follow your heart desires without a wink!

Heal Through Nature

Throughout this lunar phase we are blessed by two extremely favorable aspects: Mars and Mercury are both in the earthy sign of Virgo. Historically, Virgo is represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture. This means only one thing - heal through nature!

From aromatic herbal teas and spice blends to earthing and grounding practices, try to spend more time in nature and honor its produce. Mother Earth is on our side and she is here to support us in this transition through its vibrant, healing and nutrient goodies.

Why not add a little magic into every food and drink you prepare and infuse them with your love and gratitude? Wonders will unfold right in front of you!

Eat Local Food

Nature works its magic mainly through the food we consume. Due to the Pluto retrograde which will last for the next 2-3 years but is most intense right now, we are highly likely to experience breaks in the food supply chain. Not to make things seem too grim, but this process has already begun in countries such as India and the UK.

This is not a cause for panic, but a reminder to take mindful actions towards our fool supply. Link with local farmers and communities and indulge in ambrosial fruits and veg! The food supply chain is moving grassroots up and more precedence is given to local producers, so make sure you do your bit for this change and your personal vitality!



This might be an obvious one, but we just want to emphasize how beneficial it is to come back to yourself during this time and find the peace within.

If traditional meditation practices don’t resonate with you fully, why not try and explore what your mind-body-spirit connection is guiding you towards? The enigmatic Activation Vibration is offering us new ways to meditate and access our superpower in her inspiring video.

Explore the Esoteric

Uranus, the father of Aquarius, is all about the mystical, the metaphysical and the galactical. With this special alignment in the night sky we are called to explore deeper the debris of our subconscious through the means of the esoteric.

What does your spiritual practice look like? What are you drawn to? What crystals are you vibing with the most latesly? Don’t be afraid to go deep!

It’s highly likely that you feel drawn to Moonstone during this Blue Moon in Aquarius. Moonstone helps you find the answers you’ve been searching for, so we definitely recommend you meditating with it or wearing it to access its fullest potency.

Actually, we have a very special offer for you to help you align with your soul’s purpose. The first 35 of you who make a purchase and use code XXX will receive a free Orbit Ring in mesmerizing Moonstone, alongside a 15% discount. We call the Orbit Ring in Moonstone the modern witch’s talisman, because it deeply connects you with the Full Moon.

Even if you take your time with this offer, don’t worry, you will still receive your 15% discount until XXX. In case the Orbit Ring is not your thing, we have a wide range of Moonstone-embeded pieces, so take your pick. Our customers absolutely love the Ariya Ring, the Beholden Bracelet and the Samsara Earrings.


Find Your Tribe

Yes, Aquarius is all about the community and uniting together into love & light. Just think of the 60s/70s hippie revolution that broke the chains of oppression - it has Aquarium energy written all over it!

What helped catalyze that change, however, is the strong sense of community of change-makers. Once again, we are presented with more opportunities to come together with like-minded people online or physically, and form communities all over the world.

Here at Daya, it’s our mission to create a loving community of beautiful souls, and we hope you feel welcomed into our ever-growing tribe. Let’s raise the vibration of the planet together!

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