How to use a traditional Rudraksha Mala Necklace

Daya's Mala necklace is the true essence of India and has been created with peace, love and harmony in mind. In Sanskrit the term 'mala' means 'meditation garland' and was first used over 3000 years ago. Originally called Japamala, meaning 'to recite', the name has been shortened over time. Our Mala is traditionally made from dried Rudraksha seeds that come from a tree found in India, Nepal, Indonesia and at the bottom of the Himalayas. The magical tree is known as "Tears of Shiva," as legends say the tree grew from the tears of Shiva which fell in compassion for humanity after 1000 years of meditation.

Used to maintain mental and physical balance, the Rudraksha seeds will enhance spiritual growth and connect you to your highest self. Wearers also believe the beads protect you from negative energies, provide stability, increase concentration and purity in life.

Reciting mantra and meditation


Meditation helps to relax the mind, reduces stress, connects you into the present moment, increases self-awareness, reduces negative emotions and increases creativity and patience. Meditation can be a truly life changing practice and our mala beads will keep you focused as you trace your thumb and middle finger over each bead, helping to ground you and bring you into the present moment.

Mala necklaces have 108 rudraksha beads with the number representing the 'number of the wholeness of existence'. When using mala beads for reciting mantras, the beads help you to keep track of repeating the mantra the sacred and recommended 108 times. One of our favorite mantras is Aham-Prema, pronounced ‘Aah-ham-pree-mah’ which translates to 'I am divine love'. Between each mantra, complete a full breath.

We are so excited to see our Daya Tribe using and wearing our beautiful mala beads - don’t forget to tag us!

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