A Gateway To Your Destiny - Gemini Lunar Eclipse

Tonight’s full moon presents guidance from the cosmos in the direction of our destiny. Surrender to the Divine and trust the process… 


Eclipse season has arrived, a time for revelations and transformations. 

We are graced with the final Lunar Eclipse of the year as the sun, the moon and the earth all imperfectly align. In the airy sign of Gemini, ruler of our mind, this full moon embodies our intellectual side, whilst giving rise to our playful curiosity. Explore the mind-body connection by harmonizing your thoughts and emotions. Remain grounded as energies heighten, it’s only natural to find yourself overthinking during these times so be sure to slow down and embrace every mindful moment. 

Lunar eclipses guide us towards our destined fate. A gateway to aligning with your soul's true purpose. 

Usually, during a full moon, La Luna is shining her fullest in the night sky. However, due to the positioning of the sun, moon, and earth, tonight she’s in partial darkness. The Earth transitions between the sun and moon casting a shadow on the lunar surface.  It’s a very powerful time to go within - to the depths of our souls. 

A time to release, heal, and surrender…

Dance with the shadows of the eclipse, allow the celestial beauty to illuminate your entire being so that you can begin to shed layers, unravelling your truth. It’s time to realign, letting go of that which no longer serves you so that you can step into your highest self and start living a life of your fullest potential. Heal and let go so that you can move forward from a place of love and clarity.

Return to the present moment. No past or future, just exist in the now.

Step out of the mind and embark into the present moment - where only peace resides. Release your thoughts from your mind by connecting with others around you and speaking your truth. Allow yourself to be heard, igniting the throat chakra, home to our self-expression and communication. If you prefer to be alone, release by putting pen to paper and journaling your emotions. Let it flow and see what comes up.


Venture within

Take a look within to witness any attachments. What are you holding on to too tightly? Create space for growth and evolution. It’s time for changes, transformation awaits. Let go of your comfort blanket and step into the unknown. It may not feel easy at first, but this is where true growth begins. A world of new possibilities, paths, and experiences is waiting to be explored. 

When we think of the full moon, we think of manifestations and setting goals that will guide us to our highest selves. Lunar Eclipses bring a different perspective, they open up a gateway to tap into our truth and grasp the answers we are yearning for. They always reside within, it’s just the journey that takes us there to unleash our greatest wisdom. Home to the soul. It is here that we have access to discover our Dharma, our life’s true purpose. When we can align with our most authentic selves and start living our truth. 

Ask yourself what it is you really want from this lifetime? What do you want to achieve, be, do, see? Allow the universe to guide you. 

Surrender to what is, trust that the universe has your best interest at heart.  

I am the creatrix of my reality. 

During this lunation, expect new paths to unravel themselves and fresh ideas to arise, unexpected truths. Eclipses are a time to shake things up, unexpected changes are coming. Expect new information to rise to the surface. Use this in your favour and work with the lunar energy to your advantage. To avoid getting lost in these intense energies, spend time grounding yourself with healing crystals or in nature.

Now is the time for change…

Live with an open mind to new possibilities as these cosmic events guide us down the path less taken - into the beauty of the unknown. 

We have created a special Daya Lunar Eclipse Meditation just for you!


Remember to be gentle with yourself during these times and embrace the flow of this lunar eclipse...

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