Age of Aquarius: Embracing The Great Conjunction

For the first time since 1405, Jupiter and Saturn are meeting in the airy zodiac of Aquarius, presenting to us The Great Conjunction. During the past two centuries, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions have mostly taken place in earth signs, which are practical and grounded by nature. Now, moving forward, they will begin to meet in only air signs for around the next 200 years. These planetary conjunctions occur around every 20 years, yet this particular alignment is extra special as we are moving into the Age of the Aquarius. The kick-start of a new era soul friends!

Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius emphasizes the importance of coming together and rising towards collective consciousness. In true Aquarian style, it’s a time to embrace unconventional ways of thinking and focus on creating a community with others where we can all thrive. Rather than solely focusing on individual growth, we are being guided towards seeing the bigger picture and embracing what is good for the universe in unity. The rise of this air energy wants us to be more free-flowing and fluid when it comes to decision making. 

Opportunities for growth are infinite, we are being called to reset and shift from old paradigms into a new way of living. Take some time to explore both the inner and outer aspects of self before combining these in sweet harmony to create a new structure of your own reality. The term ‘think outside the box’ applies now more than ever...

It’s the simple, innocent moments in our everyday lives, explored in a conscious manner that builds the foundations of living in alignment with our truth. We have so much access to the wisdom that surrounds us and also our inner infinite intelligence. Honor these mindful moments each day to explore silence and connect with the Divine. As a gentle reminder, every thought, word, or action that we put out into the world has a corresponding reaction. Whether that’s on a universal or more subtle level. Choose to spend your time and energy wisely.

Saturn & Jupiter Conjunction

Two of our heaviest hitting planets in the sky are moving forward as Saturn and Jupiter transition into Aquarius. 


Jupiter, the planet of healing, expansion, and miracles rules over our greatest opportunity for growth and abundance. Whereas Saturn, the planet associated with restriction and responsibility, rules over our greatest challenge at the time. It is by overcoming these obstacles that we can learn and grow, stepping into our true power and wisdom. 

A Lesson from the Universe

One valuable lesson from the cosmos during this time is that to find success in what we do, both the collective and the universe must be treated with respect during the process. Honor others around you and especially Mother Nature, otherwise, Saturn - the planet of Karma will come back to bite us. Bring a sense of conscious awareness into your choices, making decisions that contribute towards a new earth evolution.

Winter Solstice

If you are living in the northern hemisphere, this major event will occur on the night of Winter Solstice, just below the crescent moon. As the longest night of the year, this significantly spiritual evening honors the return of the sun where we can welcome the expansion of light expanding and celebrate our days finally becoming longer. It’s a vital time for rebirth, in all elements. The conjunction of these two planets will be bright and visible to the eye in the night sky. Catch a glimpse of this rare celestial occurrence by gazing at the heavens just after sunset. 

A Rebirth Ritual
A period of darkness, an important time of the cycle - rest, reflect, cleanse, and purify. 

Rather than trying to manifest your lifelong goals, shift your focus onto the present moment, and understand which steps you need to take to begin living in alignment. It is from this space that fate will naturally bring to you what you are destined to be, do, or have. What’s truly meant to be shall never pass you. With three key elements in mind, try to practice a ritual related to each of these during this Great Conjunction:


Cleanse the mind, body, and soul through purification. This can be through movement, to shift stagnant energy - dance, yoga, running. Do whatever feels good to you as a way to express yourself and flow freely. Physically, you can clear out your home as a way to release the old, creating space for all the brilliance of the new to come your way.

Reflection & introspection

Venture inwards. Spend some time setting intentions on how you plan to contribute to the new earth that we are moving into. What can you deliver to help the collective? Remember it’s important to bring value to the collective when we are pursuing our personal goals. Take a look at the bigger picture for true expansion. 

Connect with ancestral wisdom

Accept Divine guidance as we gravitate into a new age. Things may feel out of control during this transition but remember to stay grounded and live with an open-mind to the brilliance that is about to come. Connecting with the wisdom that came before us, tapping into the Divine, and exploring how our ancestors evolved during times of change can integrate peace of mind into this transition. 

Goal setting

As we wrap up the end of 2020 and move towards a new year we are gifted with the chance to start over. Fresh beginnings and new opportunities are on the other side. Get clear on what you want to achieve in 2021. Both Jupiter and Saturn highlight professional achievements, so setting one main goal to work towards that focuses on your career could be extra powerful during this astrological time. 

What does the New Year hold for you? Are you ready to reflect, release, and heal so that you can move forward with clarity? The best is yet to come…

Sending Solstice blessings to you all!

Love & Light, always. 

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