Lunar Eclipse Mediation

Lunar Eclipse Meditation

A path towards our destiny…

During a Lunar Eclipse, we are gifted with revelations and transformations. It’s a time to go within and discover our deepest truths. Unleash the unknown and explore the many mysteries that reside within. Allow yourself to be guided by the cosmos, trusting that the universe has your back. She knows what’s best for you…


Release, heal & surrender…

With energies heightened, it’s important to ground yourself in the present moment before you begin.

Arrive at a comfortable position, eye’s closed

Inhale through the nose, out through the mouth 

Feel into each mindful breath before returning to your natural flow

Embrace the energies from the sun, moon, and earth as they all imperfectly align in the night sky 

Just feel, existing only in the now 

Explore both the light and the darkness, as the cosmos awakens our shadows

Bringing them to light so that we can accept, heal and move forward

From a place of love

Feel into this energy shift as the doorway to new opportunities opens

Unexpected truths arise as you are guided towards your true calling

Sit in silence and see what arises, which answers come to light?

Access this true power that exists within

Receive and breath

Transformation awaits