Living in Spiritual Harmony



Spirituality at it’s deepest is a very sacred and personal part of your wellbeing. Although you may get different answers if you ask everyone what Spirituality is for them, the associated patterns seem incredibly similar regardless of society, class, or faith. Being spiritually healthy is often associated with being able to find emotional stability and dependence within yourself. Living harmoniously with the world, yourself, and others is the bare minimum found on the path to wellness. As we promote our own spiritual health, we can find fulfillment and wholeness in everything. Optimism, gratitude, and unconditional love are products of a healthy soul.



It All Starts with You

As counterintuitive as it seems, before you can build better relationships with the earth or other people, its necessary to focus your energy inward first. Acceptance of yourself (and all the shortcomings and pride that comes with) is important to cultivating a healthy self-image. You are the only person with an uncensored, crystal clear perspectives of yourself, for better or worse. Self-love isn’t easy, and the road may be longer for some, but the rewards will change your life and the way you view it. When learning to be grateful and attentive to every part of ourselves becomes a habit, mindfulness becomes second nature. We naturally spend less time mentally preoccupied, and begin to live in the moment, gaining appreciation for ourselves and our existence. This leads to the next step, building a rewarding relationship with those around us. 

Living a Loving Life

Empathy is quite literally vital to a life of harmony with others. The golden rule of,
“treat others how you would want to be treated,” is a principle found throughout the majority of society’s many religions and beliefs. We must treat others with the same respect and care we give to ourselves. Realizing you deserve the best means everyone else does too. This isn’t a mentality that is universally shared, and unfortunately even the most genuine empathy will be tossed aside by the many bitter and selfish people you’ll encounter. The importance lies in the true connection to others found through tolerance and understanding. Everyone around you has lived a life of experiences and learning, selflessly and deeply connecting to them will build you up as well. Working for rewarding, fruitful relationships is a gift that will keep on giving! Empathy and compassion requires you to try your best to understand someone else’s perspective,  which proves to be a learning experience as well as strengthening a relationship. 

In Tune with The World

Having learned to value ourselves and the opportunity to experience life with those around us, the next step is turning our eyes (yes, all three) to what has given us this existence. Without this universe we could not enjoy such a beautiful existence. From the gravity of our solar system holding us in orbit, to the complex ecosystems that feed us, we constantly find ourselves taking for granted the phenomenon that is life! Maintaining a connection to the universe and our earth can be unique to person alive today. Think back to the times when you have been awestruck, whether from beautiful scenery or from laying underneath an incomprehensible night sky full of stars. Find ways to be more aware of how incredible the universe is! It’s time to come full circle, treating our planet right, caring for everything that lives and breathes, and learning about how beautiful and complex our physical world is. We are inseparable from the universe, and we should show the same compassion and gratitude to it as we do ourselves and others.


Life is complicated. Distractions demand our attention, others disturb our emotions, and the path the self-love is rocky. Maintaining the right perspective and pursuing this harmony within ourselves and everything around us is a strong platform to experience life from. Channeling only the purest and most divine energies we know is ideal, but no one can do it perfectly. Living harmoniously is a balancing act, and we must regularly back up and reevaluate our relationships with ourselves, others, and the world. It is completely within our power to change our life to be satisfied and grateful, but no one can do it for you. 


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