International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day

5 words to help you achieve a more empowered life

March is Women’s History Month. An entire month has been set aside to celebrate the struggles and achievements of women throughout the years. And, more specifically, March 8th has been designated International Women’s Day – a day to reflect on women’s rights around the world. It is somewhat appropriate that the month of March was designated in our honor. Merriam-Webster defines the word march as “an act or instance of marching,” with words such as “hike” and “trek” as synonyms. Women have been on a trek toward equality for centuries. From the boardroom to the bedroom, we have been hiking uphill in search of a more empowered life.

But what does empowerment really mean? The dictionary meaning is “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life,” and, if you ask most women, it certainly is a process. We are loaded with self-doubt and more concern for others than ourselves. We fill ourselves with courage, only to walk by a mirror and tear ourselves down. We nurture and care-take, only to let our own best interests fall by the wayside. So, how can we lift ourselves up and create a more confident way of living?  

In honor of International Women’s Day, here are five words that can help you on your “march” toward empowerment:

1. Choice

Put the freedom of choice in your hands and know that you have options in life. You can choose to go down one path or another. You can choose to go back to school or stay at your job. You can choose to stay in a relationship or move one. You can choose to stay true to yourself or do what others want you to do. You are in charge of you. Follow your heart and choose the path in life that makes you the happiest.

2. Authenticity

To be empowered is to truly and authentically step into your role as a woman. In order to do this, you may need to really dig deep and discover who you are underneath all of the doubts and fears and insecure thoughts. You need to break free from what others expect from you and find your own truth. When you have the courage to be true to yourself, you will feel more confident and in control.

3. Responsibility

As women, this word is not new to us. We naturally tend to feel a sense of responsibility about everything around us – whether as sisters or daughters or especially as mothers. As an empowered woman, however, you first have a responsibility to yourself and your well-being. Second, you have a responsibility to the future generations of women as a role model and inspiration. Collectively, we need to show the girls of today that anything is possible for them as women of tomorrow.

4. Advocacy

When you advocate for yourself, you stand up for what you believe in. It goes back to choice – choose to speak up, choose to let your boss know you deserve that raise, choose to let your partner know that you want more from the relationship. Be brave. Go after your dreams.

5. Strength

This is what empowerment is all about – finding out how strong you really are as a woman. It’s about reaching inside your soul and letting your inner strength spill out. Think about this – why is it that only women give birth? We can withstand the pain of childbirth because we are strong, both inside and out. When you stand strong in the face of adversity, you will definitely feel more empowered.

Empowerment means freedom. As an empowered woman, you have the right to pursue your own goals and dreams. As an empowered woman, you know your purpose and strengths. As an empowered woman, you have the right to speak your mind and tell your truth. As an empowered woman, you have a voice – demand to be heard!

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