Everything You Need to Know About Auras

In celebration of International Aura Awareness Day, we wanted to provide you with some insight to these colorful energetic vibrations.

Auras are the energy maps to the soul.

They can reveal knowledge about a person's thoughts, feelings and dreams. They are largely responsible for us staying happy, healthy, and having good luck, as well as assisting our bodies in fighting illness.

Everything in the universe sends out vibrations, from the tiniest rock to the largest oak tree to every single human being.

Auras are quite simply the vibrations or energetic space that surround a person or object and can be viewed by the eye as luminous colourful shades.

People have been seeing auras for thousands of years. Children can often see auras, but are unaware of their value or meaning. When you were younger, did you ever color a person in a specific shade of blue, red, or green? That was you picking up on that person’s energetic vibrations. For adults it can be a little harder to see these auras because they have learned to restrict their vision to a "normal" range.

Other people’s energy will either be communicating or conflicting with your own energy. Have you ever gotten a bad vibe from someone and just didn’t want to be around them? That means their vibration was at an unhealthy energy. Or have you ever had a happy, loving vibe where you immediately become best friends with someone new? That means your vibrations were on similar health wavelengths.

Being around other people whose energy is not sending out good vibes can leave us emotionally and physically drained. People’s vibrations contain important information, which is why it is essential for us to be able to read people’s auras. Auras directly mirror what we’re feeling. Many people mask their true intentions, but auras cannot be faked so they can really help us to see the true intentions of others.

In order to see auras you often need to use your Third Eye Chakra, which is connected to your sixth sense. A few ways to practice is by having an open mind, journaling how you’re affected when a certain person is around you, and meditation.

Reading our own aura is just as important as reading others. We can learn so much about our own truth and what is hidden in us from reading our aura. Use yourself to practice reading auras by looking in a mirror or using your hand on a flat plain surface. The lighting should be natural, and not too dark or too light. Your attention should be focused completely on one spot on the body. One of the easiest places to being is the middle of the forehead, the Third Eye Chakra. Once you have your spot take these steps:

  • Hold your gaze on the same spot for 30-60 seconds

  • Close your eyes for 1-2 seconds

  • Open the eyes and focus once again on the same spot on the body

  • Notice the first light, which is normally a white light that surrounds the whole body

  • Soften the gaze further to expand the energy field outward so the color can infiltrate it

  • Our minds are not used to viewing energy in this way so it will likely trigger the image to disappear, which is normal and will happen multiple times before we get used to holding onto the sight.

    (Ryan Taylor Photography)


    Here are the meanings of the different colors:

    Red: anger, resentment, unforgiving, anxiety, nervous, materialistic, enthusiastic, energetic, passionate, impatient, determined

    Bright Red: sexual, passionate, competitive

    Deep Red: grounded, realistic, active, inner strength, survival-oriented, powerful

    Muddied Red: anger

    Bright Pink: artistic, love, affection, strong willed

    Dark Pink: dishonesty, immature

    Bright orange: healthy, adventurous, outgoing, advanced spiritually, teacher, leader, powerful, honest, kind

    Orange-yellow: creative, intelligent, perfectionist

    Orange-red: confidence, creative power

    Yellow: awakened, spiritual, free, no attachments, content, spiritual leader, good communicator, analytical, optimistic, easy-going

    Light or pale yellow: spiritual clarity, optimism, hopefulness

    Bright lemon-yellow: struggling to maintain power and control in a personal or business relationship, fear of losing control, prestige, respect, and/or power

    Gold: strong spiritual energy, wisdom, inner knowledge, intuitive, affectionate, artistic

    Green: good balance, healthy, in tune with nature, animal lover, healer, loyal, stable, secure, love the outdoors, jealous, envy

    Yellow/green: Good communicator, heart centered, creative

    Bright emerald green: healer, love-centered person

    Dark green: jealous person, full of resentment, insecure, sensitive

    Turquoise: sensitive, compassionate, healer, organized

    Blue: calm, caring, balanced, intelligent, truthful, good communicators, peaceful, free thinker

    Light blue: peaceful, truthful

    Royal blue: spiritual, open to possibilities, generous

    Dark blue: fear of the future, fear of telling the truth, fear of self-expression

    Indigo: depth, intuitive

    Violet: psychic power, artistic, philosophical, empathetic, spiritual growth

    Lavender: imaginative, dreamer

    White/Silver: intuitive, nurturing, successful, talented, adaptable, gifted, sensitive, psychic

    Grey: fear

    Dull grey: holding onto resentment, fear, pain

    Brown: materialistic, negative, confusion, selfish, low self-esteem

    Black: protective, guarded, grief, fear, holding on to pain, hatred, resentment, depression, illness

    Cloudy white: difficult to read, lacking consciousness, illness

    Clear white: highly spiritual, divine, authentic, pure, energy, cleansing

    When reading colors, the shade of the color means more than the color itself. Colors that are clear and bright are positive, when the colors are dull and cloudy they are negative. It is also important to look at which layer of the aura the color relates to.

    Auras are depicted as having 7 layers of color surrounding the body, which correlates to the 7 chakras in the spine. These layers are often seen as an oval shape around the body and the energetic vibrations can span out approximately 2-3 feet.

    The levels emanate from the body with the one closest to the body being physical, then emotional, mental, astral, lower mental, higher mental, and spiritual. The spiritual level carries the highest vibration.

    All of the levels vibrate on their own unique frequency, but they also all connect with and relate to each other. If one level is out of balance it can affect all the other levels. If you notice that your auras are out of balance take some time to care for your energy field. Remembering that we are a spiritual being in a physical body makes it easier to focus on our aura. Being mindful of diet, exercise, stress, anxiety, meditation, and energy work can bring about a healthy aura and overall good vibrations.

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