Discover your own magic this Halloween

When most people think of Halloween, it conjures up images of fear. But it is also a time of magic – where children, and adults alike, transform themselves into frightening, mystical and even heroic characters – hiding behind masks for one night of magical make-believe.

In the spirit of Halloween, now is the time to address your own personal fears and release the true 
magic within. Worry, fear and doubt can control your mind, heart and soul.

Self-limiting thoughts make it difficult to move forward and realize your dreams. But when you start empowering your mind and embracing your positivity, you can start to believe that anything is possible.

When you start to believe that anything is possible, then you will start to see the magic happen in your life. Here are five actions you can take to manifest your magic:

    1. Be grateful. Adopt an attitude of appreciation and be thankful for your blessings. When you celebrate life, you will experience life celebrating you. Show, feel and believe in your happiness and you will also start to believe in yourself.
    2. Live in the present, feel good now. Don’t live in the past or worry about the future. Practice mindfulness and experience the present moments, daily blessings and immediate beauty around you. Don’t put your happiness on hold, think of things that make you smile and feel good – whether it is yoga or walking or reading – and make time for them now.
    3. Set intentions. There is magic in the universe, just waiting for you to open yourself up to it. Tell the universe what you desire and visualize your dreams. Not only should you visualize your dreams, but you should also visualize yourself living them. Write your goals down and list empowering beliefs that support them. You get what you give, and if you give your best intentions to the universe, you will get the best in return.
    4. Turn dreams into reality. Start living your dreams today. Look at your goals, pick one and take action. If you dream of becoming a chef, start looking at courses online or take a cooking class. Making small steps toward a larger purpose can help change your attitude. It can create new and empowered feelings, and allow for opportunities to come your way.
    5. Trust your intuition. Listening to your gut feeling – that inner voice within – is key to releasing your magic. When you are able to tap into your intuitive thoughts and take action on them, you will achieve your dreams. If you trust the guidance you give yourself, you will see the magic happen.

Our  Intuition necklace is a perfect gift to give yourself or anyone who has discovered their magic within. It is beautifully handcrafted with Spectrolite Labradorite, a stone that is believed to have magical properties. It neutralizes negativity and encourages energy and attentiveness. When worn, Labradorite can help awaken intuition and self-awareness, and allow inner magical powers to surface.

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