DAYA Wear brings compassion, beauty, and strength to your yoga practice and beyond. We are an alternative to fast-fashion, honoring Mother Nature with mindful-created clothing made entirely from ocean and landfill waste. As an eco-conscious brand, we are here to support a new way of living. One that gives back to nature for always having our back. Our earth-inspired collection is part of a movement for change. With sustainability at our core, you can feel good knowing that you are wearing clothing that cares for the environment. 



Daya Wear is made from durable recycled materials, perfect for all types of yoga. Each piece is breathable, ultra-soft, odor-resistant, and sweatproof!


From packaging to the product itself, sustainability and eco-friendly practices are at our core.


One legging is made out of approx 27 plastic bottles pulled out of the ocean. With each purchase you help preserve marine wildlife


Every purchase gives back to women in need by providing essential food supplies, healthcare, and education to young girls in India


Each piece is produced by a lovely family-run Balinese business, honoring their craft and transcending old and new production methods


"A celebration of mindful movement, both on and off the mat." It's our purpose to create a community of empowering women just like you who care for Mother Nature. Together, we can create the future we want – and leave a better, more eco-conscious world for our children. Without women to nurture and bring up tomorrow's generation, there will be no future. Without a healthy planet, our future may be short… Daya Wear offers an investment in yourself and our earth's health as we reduce the amount of global waste while creating high-quality yoga clothing. You can move freely with a clear conscience knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment. Say yes to sustainable clothing! 

How It's Made

It's time to say goodbye to fast fashion – and return to the old ways of skillful, high-quality artisan handwork. Our lovely local family-run Balinese business creates each item in the DAYA Wear collection. For generations, this female-run family business has honed their craft using a blend of old and new methods. Their magical fingers create what our minds imagine, a slow, time-honored process that respects the materials used and cultivates mindfulness in creating unique designs. Our partnership is based on a fair-trade agreement that prioritizes sustainability and ethical production methods over everything else. DAYA Wear shows that it is possible to take the ocean's trash to protect the planet and turn that 'trash' into beautiful yoga wear that acts as a second skin with a meaningful message.

Suci - Product Manager

The Process

1. We collect ocean and landfill waste

2. Clean and transform them into non-toxic pellets

3. Process them into yarn and polymer 

4. Weave them into fabric

5. To create soft, flattering, sustainable activewear

6. That can be recycled infinitely by repeating the process 



We value every little detail that goes into our creations, from the moment the idea is born until the second your clothing arrives in peace with you. Each clothing piece is created entirely‌ ‌from‌ ocean‌ ‌and‌ ‌landfill‌ ‌waste‌ ‌such‌ ‌as‌ ‌industrial‌ ‌plastic,‌ ‌old‌ ‌carpets,‌ ‌and‌ ‌abandoned‌ ‌fishing‌ ‌nets — recycled to create regenerated nylon. 
Each year 600,000 metric tons of fishing nets end up in the world’s oceans, entangling hundreds of millions of marine species, who end up dying. Econyl spins this waste into an innovative yarn, creating a new source of opportunity. When we look at ECONYL nylon vs. virgin nylon, we can see a 90% reduction in global warming potential! This infinitely recyclable material produces breathable, durable, ultra-soft clothing from items that would have otherwise been thrown away. Dreamy, right?


Reducing world pollution one piece of clothing at a time by transforming recycled bottles into reliable and durable fabric. Facts: Every year, 51 billion plastic bottles go to landfills around the world and in the U.S alone, plastic bottles in landfills could wrap around the earth 5 times! For every 1kg of RPET that we use for our clothing, we reduce this number by recycling 60 water bottles. It doesn’t stop there, we also use 90% less water when making recycled polyester versus polyester and RPET requires 70 percent less energy than virgin fiber production. Now that’s what we call #consciousclothing.


As our collection is made entirely from sustainable materials, your new garments will last a lifetime so long as you take good care of them by:

1. Handwashing - you’ll save a ton of energy and water! 

2. Using eco-friendly detergents such as soap nuts or DIY!

3. Skipping the dryer and hanging your garments outside to dry

4. Avoiding ironing your clothing as it can damage the natural fibers


We replace plastic packaging with naturally abundant materials making a compostable home alternative that's eco-friendly! As a brand that's entirely rooted in nature, we made sure that every Daya Wear element is recyclable. You can literally plant our packaging and give back to the earth by creating the perfect home for plants to thrive! Cool, right? 

Giving Back

Every Daya Wear purchase gives back to women in need by providing essential food, healthcare, and education to young girls living in Rajasthan, India. Thanks to our partnership with Fior Di Loto Foundation.