Three Ways Labradorite Will Set Your Spirit Free

According to ancient Inuit lore, a legendary warrior once came upon a beautiful stone in what is now Labrador, Canada. Awe-struck by the remarkable nature of the stone, which radiated different colors when observed from various angles, the warrior drove his spear through the rock, unleashing the overwhelming power of its metaphysical light. This iridescent light rose into the heavens to become what we know today as the Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights.

The beautiful Labradorite gemstone has been prized for thousands of years for its incredible, multicolored beauty, as well as for the spiritual powers it lends to souls who seek its guidance. Here are three ways Labradorite can free your soul, heighten creativity, and guide you on your spiritual journey.


  1. Free the Mind

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” – Buddha

There is no greater achievement in life than a liberated mind. So much of our mental energy is absorbed in worrying about how we will live up to the demands and expectations of those around us. What can we do to overcome these external pressures, and totally liberate our inner individuality? Questioning mainstream ways of thinking is the first step to realizing our own, true potential. Labradorite is revered for helping people question external values and cultivate their own individuality. So if you feel that the weight of the world conceals the true you, try meditating with a labradorite gemstone in the palm of your hand or draped around your neck. Absorb its unique power, and find yourself standing up for the real, beautiful you!


  1. Unleash Your Creativity

“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.” – Nietzsche

The next step in realizing your true potential is letting your creative energies flow. Ancient lore has it that all life forms are made up of one metaphysical, creative force. When we meditate with Labradorite, this deep, infinite creative energy begins to course through our body, revitalizing our spirits and letting us express ourselves through art. Unleash your inner creative energies with the liberating properties of this remarkable gemstone!


  1. Seek Adventure

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

When you begin meditating with Labradorite, you’ll notice that your hunger and lust for life expands, like an enormous inhalation of fresh air. The same creative energies that allow you to create magnificent works of art, will force you to seek adventure, and act spontaneously. You’ll find yourself asking, “What more can I do? What more can I see? What more can I learn?” You will be guided with undying curiosity, and ceaseless passion for the rich experiences that life has to offer. With Labradorite, you will awaken the curious, carefree, passionate self you were as a child, and liberate you for a life of joy, passion, and ceaseless excitement.


If you feel you can benefit from any of the remarkable properties of this incredible gemstone, give Labradorite meditation a try – the only side effect is that the gorgeous gem will catch the eye and turn the head of anyone who sees you wearing it.


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