Moonstone: The Gemini Gem

Geminis, born between May 21st and June 21st, are known for being playful, curious, loquacious and rambunctious! Constantly seeking to express their truth through diverse, exciting activities, Geminis never tires of trying new things and discovering what the rich tapestry of life has to offer. The gemstone most associated with Gemini is one of June’s most popular birthstones: The Moonstone.

The Moonstone’s special glow, Adularescence, gets its name from the mineral adularia, sourced from Mt. Adular in Switzerland – that’s what gives Moonstone its milky hue, resembling silver moonlight striking a stream. Touched by the magic and mystery of the moon, Moonstones offer calming, balancing energies that attune to your natural aura. They’re also known as potent “fertility crystals,” for their incredible ability to spark passion between lovers.

Geminis are typically very excitable – reacting to the stimuli around them with genuine interest, curiosity, and passion. On the flip side, sometimes that excitability can make a Gemini really nervous, anxious, and indecisive. Meditating with a Moonstone once every few days is a great way for a Gemini to relax her nerves and regain the balance that’s so often lost in the ambiguities of daily life. The great thing about the Moonstone is that it accentuates the Gemini’s positive qualities – her creativity and voracious lust for life – and eases her more challenging qualities such over-nervousness and anxiety. Holding a Moonstone close to your heart while you meditate, or keeping it under your pillow when you go to sleep, will help you find the tranquility you seek while invigorating your luster for life.

If you’re a Gemini who senses the inherent value of a Moonstone gem – or if you’re thinking of buying a perfect gift for your Gemini beloved – keep in mind that for a June birthday or anniversary, there’s no better gift than a Moonstone, guaranteed to invoke passion, bliss, and joy in the heart of every Gemini! Check out Daya's moonstone items here!

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