5 Crystal to Tap Into the Power of the Full Moon in Pisces

Every 29.5 days, the Earth’s position directly between the Sun and the Moon causes the Moon to become completely illuminated by the Sun’s rays - we can observe what we know as a full Moon. This Saturday, September 10 will bring this year’s Harvest Moon, made particularly significant as the Moon moves through Pisces. 

Pisces is a water sign associated with intuition, creativity, and compassion. By using certain gems and crystals, we can tap into the energies of Pisces more deeply and experience all of the benefits that this full Moon will bring. We’re invited to release what no longer serves us, set goals and intentions, and call in new manifestations.

We love to wear and meditate with our crystals throughout the day and leave them under the light of the full Moon for a few hours at night to charge and enhance their power. 


Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac and lasts from the end of February through mid-March, so the birthstones for these months are especially powerful as the Moon moves through Pisces. February’s birthstone is amethyst, which is associated with spiritual healing and creating feelings of peace and balance.

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March’s birthstone is aquamarine, which is associated with cultivating feelings of trust in the universe and overcoming fear. Aquamarine can also assist with opening the heart chakra by helping us to breathe more deeply.


Calla ring


Labradorite has been used as part of spiritual ceremonies and rituals for centuries. It’s believed to provide those who wear it with psychic protection as well as enhance one’s own psychic abilities.

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Jade is somewhat of an all-purpose stone that is believed to help with everything from health and happiness to personal relationships. It’s often worn as jewelry but can also be used as a tool for meditation and even as part of your skincare routine.


Turquoise is ideal for grounding and creating feelings of stability as well as helping to enhance creativity. 

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