Freehand Armband

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Material: Silver Plated, Pure Brass

Handmade with love and attention to every detail.

As part of Daya’s mission to spread kindness, we have partnered withUNICEF to help support their global relief program for children and mothers in need.

A single purchase may provide things like a life saving vaccination for a child in sub-Saharan Africa, a night in a shelter for a refugee from a war torn nation, or a week’s worth of nourishing food for a starving child.

Our jewelry utilizes the beauty and spirituality of ancient mythological and spiritual symbols to create unique and meaningful experience for the wearer.

We know how easy it is to become caught up in our busy lives, but we hope that our timeless pieces will help you to enjoy the small things that make life beautiful and remain mindful of the spirituality that connects us all.

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