Copy of Our Story


Our Philosophy

We are a close team of like-minded friends who enjoy traveling the globe and who seek to leave the world better than we found it. Our world is vastly diverse, chaotic in its extremes, and full of contradictions and complexities.

We feel it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to make every day a little brighter than the last for everyone on earth. This is why we've made it our mission to spread kindness and empathy through some of the world's smallest treasures. 

The meaning of Daya

It is our mission to spread kindness and compassion across the globe through our jewelry, which is why we named our company Daya, meaning compassion in Hindi. Handmade and designed by expert craftsmen, our jewelry features ancient mythological and spiritual symbols incorporated into modern designs. Our jewelry aims to be more than just a chain to drape around your neck or an earring to dangle from your ears - it's jewelry with a heart, mission and story. 


After traveling the world, we found ourselves drawn to India time and time again. Never before had we seen a place so full of history, of timeless beauty and tradition. It was extremely eye-opening to see how much suffering there was in this incredible place and not just in the underprivileged regions.
There are hundreds of thousands of children in the world who go without food, water, proper housing, and education. We want to do our part to lift these children up out of these circumstances and help to give them the best chance to succeed in life.

Tibetan kids village in India

One of our visits to the Tibetan kids village in north India, Dharmasala.

What do we want to accomplish?

We truly believe we can make the world a better place through small acts of kindness. That’s why 10% of our profits will go to, an organization working to support children in need all over the world. A single purchase may provide things like a life saving vaccination for a child in sub-Saharan Africa, a night in a shelter for a refugee from a war torn nation, or a week’s worth of nourishing food for a starving child.
Together we can do our part to make the world better for future generations, one act at a time.

.Eline and Tom, Co-Founders of Daya