Raise Your Vibration during July’s Full Moon in Aquarius

Question from the Universe: Are you ready to break the chains and raise your vibration?

Up until now you might have subconsciously been avoiding the answer led by fear of the unknown, but this Full Moon in Aquarius puts you on the spot. Not to worry, because we are here to guide you through it, alongside the benevolent stars and the next full moon which occurs yet again in Aquarius on August 22.

The strong and rather unique energies of the night sky will highlight unjust power structures, restrictions and oppressions, in order to help us emerge as a collective in the known. It’s time for us to embody the phoenix, which is the symbol of the New Earth, and spread our wings, while blaring the fire of freedom.

What Does a Full Moon in Aquarius Mean?

July’s Buck Full Moon will take place on July 23 at 7:36pm Pacific time, and on July 24 at 3:36am UK time, and it occurs at exactly 1° 26’ of Aquarius.

The air sign Aquarius is concerned with higher consciousness, galactic connections and futuristic technology, so expect anything but mediocre. Some of the major themes of the Aquarius archetype are truth, disclosure, freedom, new technology, cyberattacks, galactic energy, and earthquakes.

Paired with the Full Moon and other powerful aspects occurring at the same time, we will be thrown into the deep waters of our subconscious minds, and will be prompted to break free from that which no longer serves us, both on a personal and institutional level.

Break the Chain

Just like the all-time favorite song by Fleetwood Mac (1977) goes, it’s time to “break the chain”. Yes, this song was written at a revolutionary time when the main theme was freedom of expression, yet it perfectly matches the vibe of July’s Full Moon in Aquarius, and the shift we’re going through right now.

The winds of change are blowing in the direction of the external power structures that we’ve had all through our lives, prompted by Pluto. We’re starting to question who has the power, but are also realizing that we can chose where our power lies, to say no, and to create our own reality from love & light.

The moon is positioned in-between Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius. Historically, hard aspects between Saturn and Pluto have always been related to difficult times, adversity, more rules, regulations, and abuse of power. The last time we witnessed this aspect was in 1517 when the church had an enormous amount of power and Martin Luther led the movement to challenge that degree of power.


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The Process

It’s likely that this revolutionary force will be manifested through our communication channels, especially through new technology, because of the Pluto – Mercury opposition. On a collective level what needs to emerge will find its way through the Internet and the media, so don’t be surprised if there are massive cyberattacks or breaking news. On a personal level, ask yourself how you can bring more lightness and ease into your life, so that you can raise your frequency and open your heart.

Within this process we will be faced with the opposing energy of Pluto in Capricorn, which represents the past, and the Moon in Aquarius, which is an emblem of the future. While Capricorn is setting us back and making us circle around the stagnated energy of our past, Aquarius ruled by Uranus is prompting us to make the pivotal shift into a brighter future, where we can all feel the innate connection we possess with all the galactic beings.

Fly, Fly, Little Bird

The next track on our full moon playlist is “Age of Aquarius” by the 5th Dimension – the perfect song to accompany the blissful shift of consciousness we’re going through.

Thankfully, we have our little helper in the face of Chariklo, the Asteroid of Spirit Medicine, which is conjunct with the Moon. Chariklo is the wife of Chiron in myth and she represents this Buddhist eternal state of being where she can heal people through silence.

As she is the facilitator of the transition of life to death, this aspect allows us to venture into the unseen worlds of our consciousness in order to find our higher purpose and reach a spiritual growth once we’ve found ourselves in a healing crisis.

meditation illustration

Full Moon in Aquarius Meditation

You might be wondering what you could do to cultivate your power and help bolster the shift from past to future, from fear to love, from low to high vibration. While change is on the way and you may feel like you have to take specific actions, the Full Moon prompts you to take a step back and bathe in the silence of the present moment – this is where you will find your answers.

A still meditation is exactly what you need in order to silence your mind, open your heart and fly high.

What to prepare:

  • A meditation space, where you can be uninterrupted, either at home or in nature. Use cushions, meditation pillows and blankets if needed
  • Aromatic incense. Go for unconventional scents to please Aquarius’ quirky flair, such as patchouli, lotus flower, crispy citrus, and sage
  • Your favorite crystals to help you raise your vibration:

💎 Amethyst – brings you in touch with your intuition and spiritual guidance. Our delicate Adi Necklace resonates with your crown chakra and helps you invoke spiritual awareness and intuition

💎 Aquamarine – helps you connect with other people and engage in humanitarian endeavors by bringing you compassion and empathy

💎 Emerald – equips you with the inspiration, motivation, and creativity you need to forge a new path for yourself and the betterment of humanity. Discover your inner beauty reflected in the eternal emerald glow of Daya’s Muse Ring

💎 Labradorite – helps you connect with higher spirit and supports your visionary qualities. Discover our abundant collection of Labradorite-embedded jewelry to support you on your spiritual journey

Once you’ve set up your meditation space, sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Direct your attention towards the sounds and smells around you, focus on what you’re feeling in your body and release any stagnated energy. Simply be an observer and repeat the following mantra:

“I’m letting go of the past and shifting into a higher state of consciousness”

Let your thoughts pass through and ground yourself in the present moment, in order to fly high.

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