The Real Meaning Behind Daya - A message from us to you

November 01, 2017 1 Comment

The Real Meaning Behind Daya - A message from us to you

It hasn’t even been a year since Daya first started, but we’re already looking back with one word in mind - gratitude. From the bottom of our hearts, we are so thankful for  YOU – you have helped breathe life into our dream, helped Daya to flourish and to spread kindness throughout the world – from small rural villages to booming cities. In order to communicate how dear our mission is to our hearts, we wanted to share the story of Daya with you in more detail.

Daya strives to be more than just a jewelry company. We want to go beyond the strategic words and marketing plans and actually make a difference in the world – from donating to charities, promoting and spreading random acts of kindness, to inspiring others to be true to themselves.
We know that many people in the world have little to no access to food, clean water, education, or medical assistance, but we never understood it or experienced it with our own eyes. That is, until we traveled to India in 2016 where we had never seen such destitution and extreme poverty. On the streets of Rajasthan, Jaipur, we encountered a girl who was about 5 or 6 years old, and clearly homeless with her black clothing and bare feet. We gave her a bag of food and something to drink, and the moment we offered this to her, her eyes welled up with tears while she thanked us profusely.

We had only provided this girl with the bare minimum, but it meant the world to her, and we were overcome with love, happiness, and positivity. It was at that moment that we realized just how much potential we had to help make the world a better place. This random act of kindness left a lasting impression on us –  it sparked an interest in us to spread kindness, compassion, and to help those less fortunate than us, which is how Daya eventually was created. At Daya, we donate 10% of all proceeds to UNICEF to help children all over the world, just like the girl we met in India.

Pushkar, Rajashtan

Another one of our missions is to help YOU stand out from the crowd and express your individuality. Too many of us hide our true identities and beliefs in fear of judgement from our peers and society, in general. We know how hard it is to break free from those constraints and become the real you – it is a lifelong journey.

But just as fast as our first year has gone by, life seems to fly by even faster. It is too short to stay in your comfort zone and not follow your dreams. Have you always been dreaming of leaving that job you hate? Have you been wanting to ask a specific person out on a date? Have you been yearning to travel the world? At Daya, we understand how frustrating it can be to have goals and desires but not know how to turn them into reality. Taking that first step, doing even the smallest act, can have a profound effect on the rest of your life. It did with us.

Travelling in Himachal Pradesh, North India.

So what’s holding you back from being the person you’re meant to be?
We hope that our story will inspire others to break the cycle of their own limitations. If we can help just one person to dare to be different and realize their potential, then we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.

Daya was started with the dream of spreading kindness and compassion throughout the world while finding fulfillment in life and inspiring others to do the same. Our jewelry is a reminder to remain mindful, inspired, and motivated while living your dreams.

We THANK YOU for joining us on this journey so far, and for all your love and support. We can’t wait for all that is to come!

From left to right - Tom, Eline (co-founders) and Mahlet (Daya's favorite model)

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November 20, 2017

I love this Beautiful post! My daughters name is Daya, which is what drew me to your company in the first place! You have a wonderful story and your jewelry is gorgeous. Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing and spreading your inspiration!! ???❤️

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